HABlab Pecha Kucha

big bug

Close up of the Big Bug Mutina Table

GRENP 0046

Big Bug Mutina Table

GRENP 0005a

Big Bug Mutina Table Design 2

GRENP 0033

Big Bug Mutina Table


Sketching of the beehive theme

This design to me looks like jigsaw pieces. It feels as if Patricia has set out a challenge. Piecing together the different parts of the small tables to create one big table. The table tops are designed in a very unusual and technical manner. The design of these tables allows them to be put together like a jigsaw in so many different ways – unlike a jigsaw. The contrast in this design is endless. I think the tables have been designed really uniquely. This adds to the design of the table and gives it a more modern and eccentric feel. The top of the tables are designed with tiles which is something that Patricia very rearely uses, again this adds to the uniqueness of the design. The tiles have unique designs on them which again is something very rare. This also can lead back to historical Italian Design. You can begin to tell how much of an influence Italian design has on  Patricia and the work she creates. I almost feel like the design looks ilke the inside of a beehive, which is ironic as the name of the collection is “Bugs Family”.


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