HABlab Pecha Kucha

bandas space 201464f105c121215059297d80b93f798da05_bandas-560x8402_bandas-560x8403_bandas-560x841bd8c0d0ab2544c6cd29d0b4f0b66ff26 copy


This is the Bandas Space. Patricia Urquiola designed this space as it looked at the way in which the human body relaxes. I loved researching this project as I feel Patricia has used her own experience of being a woman and how – as females – we relax differently to males.

She also designed the pattern on the material. The different paths in the design show the different paths males and females take in life and this sofa design is a way of blending the two together. The design suits any male or female mood or personality, making it seem a comfortable and relaxed space and design for anyone to use.


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