HABlab Pecha Kucha


some of my sketches


some more of my sketches


Inspiring images and chair designs which link to the Tropicalia Chair


Tropicalia Chair


Another version of the Tropicalia Chair


More versions of the Tropicalia Chair


Some of my weaving threads


More weaving threads I practiced with.


Tropicalia Day Lounger


Tropicalia Daybed

I love the colours which Patricia uses within this chair design. She created this chair design when working for design company Morosso. The weaving style she has used leads back to Italian Textile Design from the 17th Century. The weaving process back then suggested that those who had a woven materials were rich and therefore worth more than others who didn’t have the same privilege. Patricia has brought this design into the 21st century by  thermoplastic polymer in various colours to represent unity with everyone – not just the rich.  This again links back to creating an equal space for both males and females. It is evident that this is something which Patricia focuses on when creating designs.


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