HABlab Installation


String door curtain inspiration

string door 3

String work inspiration


Strawberry Laces

string door 2

More string work

string door

3D String Art


Ludo the board game

space hopper

The Space Hopper


70s Style Pattern


70s Style Pattern


70s Style Pattern


The original HABlab.

When we first started this project we as group 6 started to think about creating an adult play room, which would allow adults to look back on their child hood and reminisce about their ‘good times’. We wanted the HABlab to include 70s games, toys and sweeties which would take the user ‘back to the seventies’. We had the idea of creating a strawberry lace string entrance curtain, and the user would eat their way into the HABlab. Once the user had entered the HABlab we thought we could have different games set up and this would link to the PLAY theme we had to re-create.


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