Critical Text on HABlab Video

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 17.44.53

I am quite happy with how the final video has turned out! Christie has done a great job and ensuring the whole team is included in the video, making sure no-one felt left out of it. I feel the video shows a great insight into our original research and how our ideas changed from an adult play room using 70s toys and games to a 70s living/music room.

I like the fact that Christie has also added in a voice over explaining the photo’s that show up throughout the video. I feel that it would have been good if there was some videos of us working on the HABlab and some footage of a walk through of the HABlab rather than just pictures, but I feel it works well as there is the videos of the rest of the team talking about our individual projects, which means the video isn’t static the whole way through.

I also feel like the pictures used in the video are to a good standard which is also good as that is the focal point throughout the whole video. Overall I am pleased with how Christie has worked on the video.




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