Critical Writing on the HABlab Installation.

Our HABlab explores the relationship between play and home by reinterpreting British 1970s disco motifes and the home environment. We specifically focused on the idea of creating a music room. I loved using the vinyls in our project as they were so popular in the Seventies. Our target market was adults who grew up in the Seventies as listening to the music they grew up with would allow them to feel nostalgic and reminisce about their time in the Seventies.

Overall, this project was hard work and took a lot of trial and error (especially with the flooring) however, overall I feel we worked well as a team and kept each other grounded with the work we had to do. I feel there are things that could have gone better if we were given more time, like the materials used for the walls and roof and the direction in which the HAblab was facing for the final presentation, but I feel these are minor things as it was our first big project and it was a prototype. I feel proud of the team I was in and feel proud of what we have achieved in the time we were given.


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