HABlab Installation


SKETCHBOOK – Dress Material Research


SKETCHBOOK – More material research for the flooring.


SKETCHBOOK – Looking at different options for the flooring.


SKETCHBOOK – Researching and sketching the dress as the flooring.


SKETCHBOOK – Research into the flooring.


SKETCHBOOK – Research into the floor element.

I had found a dress which screamed SEVENTIES to me. I was so excited about it and wanted to incorporate it into our HABlab in some way. I had also found some music sheets which I looked into using as the flooring in some way, but as I looked into it, this was going to be difficult and didn’t have the same WOW factor as the dress did.  As a team we agreed that the dress could be used for the flooring of the HABlab. This would give the HABlab a focal point as the dress was so bright and bold. I wanted to use this to my strength when designing the floor, so I photographed different sections of the dress and looked at how these would look when tiled together on the floor.  I spent time rotating and copying the image around to see what pattern I could create as I knew from previous research that patterns were BIG in the 70s.


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