HABlab Installation.


SKETCHBOOK – Fleetwood Mac 1


SKETCHBOOK – Fleetwood Mac 2


SKETCHBOOK -Fleetwood Mac 3


We had researched using a sound wave or sound visualiser within our HABlab Installation. Melanie focused on creating a sound wave and I looked into how we could use a visualiser within the HABlab. I thought this would be a good creative idea. I researched different visualisers on iTunes for the different artists we had decided from.

Fleetwood mac 3

iTunes Visualiser for Dreams – Fleetwood Mac. 

Fleetwood mac 2

iTunes Visualiser.

Fleetwood mac 1

Fleetwood Mac


After looking at different visualisers and creating different patterns, we as a team had decided it wasn’t going to look right if we were to have this pattern against the black interior and the coloured flooring. So we decided to go with the sound wave idea instead.


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