HABlab Installation.

We looked at what other music elements were from the 70s.


We did some secondary research and found some Vinyl from my auntie, which we were able to use and manipulate to create a new shape. Christie took some inspiration from the HMV logo and wanted to change the original flat shape of the vinyl into a 3D cone shape. We looked into Helen Moore’s ceramics work and found this shape to be an ideal shape to take inspiration from. It stuck with the curviness of the 70s but gave us the 3D element we were looking for.


We had thought about creating a border to tie the vinyl and the floor together. I looked into colours and what designs I could create for around the vinyl.


Musical note border research


Musical note border research


SKETCHBOOK – Musical note border research


SKETCHBOOK – Musical note border research

We had decided that this wasn’t going to fit in with the rest of the style of the installation so we left this idea out of the final HABlab.


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