HABlab Installation


FINAL HABlab Installation.


andy image 1

Final HABlab Installation from left angle.

andy image 3

FINAL HABlab Installation from right angle.

andy image 2

FINAL HABlab Installation from right side.

andy image 4

FINAL HABlab from let side.


Close up of FINAL vinyl design.


Close up of Shezlong and Lamp within the FINAL HABlab Installation.


User Experiencing FINAL HABlab Installation.


FINAL HABlab Installation.


Close up of Vinyl Wall in FINAL HABlab Installation.


Our HABlab explores the relationship between play and home by reinterpreting British 1970s disco motifes and the home environment. Our specific focus explored the concept of the music room. The 1970s motifes is common ground and by using our parents as a primary research source we conducted ethnographic methods. Reviewing music from that era, it was important we explored how that could involve an interaction experience. Using modified vinyl records as touchpoints was the way to do this.  By using second hand and found objects within our design, it connects with the brief we were given. The flooring is tiled photographs of a 1970s British Fashion designed dress found from a second hand store.


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