HABlab Pecha Kucha Presentation on Patricia Urquiola



I love this image of Patricia as she looks so full of creativity and thinking. You get a sense of what kind of person she is through this image. Patricia Urquiola was born in Spain and studied in Milan in Italy. She describes herself as Spanish by birth, Italian by choice. She is a famous architect and designer, focusing on product and interior design, installation and exhibition work. She uses light effects through her interior and installation work. She is interested in using her femininity within her design work and interprets inspiration given to her by the mentors she worked with while at univeristy but also from people she has met whilst out working in her field of design. People like Vico Magistretti, Achille Castiglioni and Piero Lissoni have been able to give her an insight into Italian design which she has subsequently fallen in love with.

I have added the colours of the Italian Flag to this slide to really show difference between slides and how the use of colour adds a sense of happiness to this place of study, where she had learnt so much about Itlaian Design. The photo of the School of Architecture, Milan Polytechnic. http://www.polimi.it/en/programmes/schools/auic/ Studied Architecture in School of Architecture, Milan polytechnic University. She was focusing on her studies and not so much her passion for what she really loved. This gave her a slower start to the fantastic fulfilled career she is only half way through. She has since learnt to be more passionate about the designs she is creating.

”I had a slow start to my career, I spent

https://www.kmpfurniture.com/designer-news/modern-furniture_is-what-patricia-urquiola-knows-how-to-do-best_95.html?page=news&id=95 a lot of years studying and I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody. Be very passionate and curious”


Achille Castiglioni. http://www.midcenturyhome.com/people-in-design/achille-castiglioni/

The contrast between the black and white follows on from the slide with Patricia in it. I want this to show some familiarity within my performance and hold a flow within. Castiglioni mentored Patricia through uni and inspired her to fall in love with Italian design. She says that Castiglioni blossomed her talent of design into something special. Mentored her through uni, Helped her give her confidence in her work, Helped her create Italian Designs, Inspired her Italian love of Italian design.


“Designer of the Decade”, Federal Republic of Germany. http://www.soakinstyle.com/axor-urquiola-received-design-award-of-the-federal-republic-of-germany/

She was described as the master of style fusion. This bathroom showroom was the work that got her the award of designer of the year from Federal Republic of Germany It is her work with the famous Italian masters of design which has lead her in the direction of this award. She has won countless awards ranging from world wide awards to local awards within Italy. Designer of the Decennium 2000-2010 for the German magazines Home and Häuser.


I found the image above on a design website when researching the designs Patricia creates.

I find this image really interesting as it looks so tidy for a designer. I have always imagined design studios to be full of work and visual ideas, and this contrasts that and is the complete opposite as it is so tidy and clean. I really like this about her studio as it gives the impression she has a clean, tidy and organised way of life which would suggest she is very focused on her designs through every aspect of the creation. 2001 she opened her own studio. Male designers up until now have dominated Italian design so for Patricia, as a woman, who is Spanish by birth, to open her studio (in Italy) was a pretty big deal for her but also for the other designers she was competing with. This gave her a big step into the design world. Embodies a modern style featuring feminine accents and unexpected elements



Flower chair 1996 vico magistretti and patricia urquiola. http://www.designboom.com/interviews/patricia-urquiola-designboom-interview/

First project working together since being mentored from him in in University.

Looks like the corolla of a flower (petal of a flower) and uses bright colours to represent a flower once the chairs have been gathered (like in the image) this really shows how it looks like a flower. Making office life more comfortable and enjoyable for others while at work as she realises that we as a soceity tend to work more than just the 9-5 nowadays and she wanted that to be more enjoyable, rather than dreadful. Partnered work with Magistretti so wasn’t a project she had worked on herself. Has since said that she found more passion in her work once she opened her studio and started working on projects of her own.



Head of Lissoni’s design group Cassina. This was her first project as Art Director. The gender armchairs. Blending both genders together.

The name came from the changing identity based on chromatic and material combinations. The chair is made up from masculine and femanine independent shapes and go together to create one form. This creates a sense of unity which is something which Patricia looks and aims for within her designs since opening her own studio in 2001.


Tropicalia Chair designed for Morosso   https://www.stylepark.com/en/moroso/tropicalia-cocoon

The style of this chair leads back to Italian Textile Design from the 17th century. It used to suggest that a family that had a woven coat over their family were of the rich and therefore worth more than others. I think Patricia has brought a new meaning of the Italian weaving as she has used thermoplastic polymer in various colours to represent unity with everyone.

Antibodi steel frame is the basis for the idea of interweaving plastic strips with geometric and faceted shapes. The strips are in a thermoplastic polymer in various colours, from bright shades to monochrome.

“I think its time to blend gender.”

Patricia feels there are so many different sides to society and not just male and female, and we as a society have to work to change this and become more equal.


Fjord Table 2002 project. http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/design/fjord-table/

This was the first project she had worked on since opening her studio in 2001 and it was designed for Moroso Design company. It is a multifuctioncal stool which can be used as a table or something to store things in as the top lifts up so you can get inside of it. You can also use it as a foot rest or a seat to sit on. I like this design as they almost bring the outside, inside. This is something which Patricia is known for and continues to work towards frequently. I think as she focuses on Italian design she likes to bring a bit of Italy into the home and does this in an environmental way. The fact she has designed them all slightly differently plays a part in the uniqueness of the design. They are not all the same shape, size or colour and this is something which designers tend to look for when it comes to creating something. The fact that Patricia has not stuck to this and gone out of the ‘norm’ shows how passionate she feels about the designs. You can tell she is designing for the love of it not for the sake of designing something. Some might say there is not much thought put into the design, however I think there is lots of thought gone into it, after researching Patricia and finding out the type of person she is. She loves Italian design and the environment and equality within design and I feel like the fact she is a spanish woman living and working in Italy comes through in each of her designs. The femininity of her designs carry through most of her projects.


Mandarin hotel, barcelona. http://www.mandarinoriental.com/barcelona/hotel-photo-gallery/

Patricia helped redesign the interior of this hotel, creating lots of exciting modern designs. Which include some funky patterns and designs, that can almost be a representation of the nature outside in that environment. She created lots of wall features which remind me of a child’s design of the paper snowflake. It looks so simplistic yet it is incredibly artistic and has enormeous depth as the patters are shared around the hotel in different areas (rooms, lobby, toilets, bar, restaurant.) This creates another sense of flow within the building Patricia worked on this hotel which is based in her home country of Spain and even though she focuses her designs on Italian design you can tell there is a Spanish feel to the building with the colours in the lobby representing the volcanic environment around some parts of Spain. The brown wood colours tie together with the more neutral colours within the design.

“previously head office of Banco Hispano-Americano, has been transformed into a Mandarin Hotel. A surprising space, on different levels: a bright, hanging access ramp crosses a courtyard and leads to the hotel entrance; metal grids separate and give a glimpse of the hall; and 3D textured walls give a 8greater sense of depth.”



Mandarin hotel, barcelona. http://www.mandarinoriental.com/barcelona/hotel-photo-gallery/

This is again another design within the hotel that Patricia had created. This again looks to me like a child’s paper snowflake but ties the whole restaurant together and makes it feel bright and airy and spacious which would bring a sense of Italian design into the Spanish building. I like the fact that she has worked on this hotel and created aspects from her roots of Spain but also added in the contemporary modern designs into it. The pale colours with the light blue work well in this room and I feel that it contrasts the weather of Spain and makes you feel calm and collected which is something I pick up a lot from researching some of Patricia’s designs.


Berlin hotel Das Stue   http://www.contemporist.com/das-stue-hotel-interior-by-patricia-urquiola-and-lvg-arquitectura/

Patricia worked to re-design the public areas of this hotel and this is what she created…

Again you can almost sense the outdoor aspect to this design…look at the floor. Look at the walls.

The walls are grey colours with hints of dark wood between the slats of wall. The floor is a pattern which to me looks like the veins in leaves. This again shows a sense of the outdoors. Baring in mind this is a different hotel chain, in a different country. The interior is almost based on the same thing but portrayed differently. The fact that you can see some of the flower chair design which Patricia designed with Magistretti in 1996 shows just how much of an impact that time of her life had on her and still continues to do so today.


Four Seasons Spa Milan http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/architecture/four-seasons-hotel/


This is another hotel, again in another country…I love the fact this design is so simple and peaceful and her use of lighting within the spa creates a relaxing ambiance which people will realise when they come into the hotel. This spa will suddenly make the person feel at ease and calm. Her feminine style shines through in this design as you can tell that the spa is designed for prominantly females, however Patricia has made sure it speaks out to men aswell, using the dimmed lighting to a beautiful neautral colour, realising something she has previously done in a design with the chairs, she has blended both male and female design into something wonderful, creating an easy design for both genders to use and feel comfortable in. Patricia is focused on designing things for others and you can tell this as it shows in her designs.


Starwood hotel http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/architecture/w-vieques-hotel/

I love this design in the Starwood hotel in the Caribbean. The bright bold eccentric colour’s and design of almost button like features against the natural use of the wood is facinating to me and it works brilliantly. I think it’s the type of thing that if you were to explain big bright bold blue and yellow and red colour’s against a simple natural wood then I would be very interested to see what it’s like but it works fantastically.

Patricia has designed the coloured feature on the wall and you can tell she has thought about the fact the hotel is on the Caribbean and used colours and features which blend with that. I like how the bright blue to me represents the water at the beaches around the Caribbean and the yellows represent the fine sands around the Caribbean. Patricia has always said that she wants to use experimental design and I feel you can also take that from this specific design as its very individualistic.

“W Hotels’ first property in the Caribbean. The dialogue between the interior design and the natural setting creates an eclectic combination. It extends from the surrounding landscape to create a sense of contrast with the interior furnishings.”



Shimmer Glass Italia Tables. http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/design/shimmer/

I have really fallen in love with these tables and I really feel that her use of the coloured glass is so innovative and classy. The actual design of the table is quite simplistic I feel, but what really brings this table design to life is Patricia’s clever and modern and experimental use of coloured ’shimmer’ glass.

I feel you can re-create this design using acetate to create that almost see through coloured glass appearance. I think this is such a brilliant and exciting way of design. The fact you can see every edge of every individual piece of glass – due to it’s see throughness – makes the table more edgy and more fascinating as you cant normally see that with a normal wooden coffee table. Patricia is a fan of colour, and this is becoming apparent more and more through each design I have researched. I feel this is again something which she had learnt and grew more conifident with when working with Castiglioni, Lisonni and other famous Italian designers during her early career. I feel this table has really enabled Patricia to mark her territory within product design as a female designer as I feel this is such a fantastic piece of design.

She has designed this table for the Italian Design company Glass Italia. She designed this in her own studio, and whilst she works for herself in her own studio, she works on many projects – like this one – for other people as she wants to help people and the designs that she creates is her way of helping those people get something brilliant.


Big bug mutina  http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/design/big-bug/

This design to me looks like jigsaw pieces. It feels as if Patricia has set out a challenge. Piecing together the different parts of the small tables to create one big table. The table tops are designed in a very unusual and technical manner. The design of these tables allows them to be put together like a jigsaw in so many different ways – unlike a jigsaw. The contrast in this design is endless. I think the tables have been designed really uniqueley. This adds to the design of the table and gives it a more modern and eccentric feel. The top of the tables are designed with tiles which is something that Patricia very rearely uses, again this adds to the uniqueness of the design. The tiles have unique designs on them which again is something very rare. This also can lead back to historical Italian Design. You can begin to tell how much of an influence Italian design has on  Patricia and the work she creates.

I almost feel like the design looks ilke the inside of a beehive, which is ironic as the name of the collection is “Bugs Family” After finding out the name I cannot help but reate this design to the outdoors again. Bugs belong outside and some bugs might leave a trail behind them, and I feel the type f trail they leave behind them could be the type if trail which is left on the tiles on top of the tables.


Bandas space http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/design/bandas-space/

Patricia Urquiola has designed the sofas themselves and also the cover/rug which is actually sewn into the sofa…The rugs which are laid over the furniture as they flow onto the floor. She created the space. The feeling. The feeling you get when you take a seat on the sofa. They follow a path and this continues on throughout the design of the rug. I like how the rug is not just on the floor, it follows its way onto the furniture. Just like how the pattern on the rug is flowing its way round the rug not just sticking to one part. This again is a type of tapestry design from Italian history and Patricia has recreated this in a modern and comfortable way. The square paths are stitched into the rug on top of the already stitched small squares, the path of textile on top follows the route of the small squares but leads off and makes different patterns which is something which old Italian Tapestry makers used to create. You can tell that the Italian design from years back as influenced Patricia’s work in this case, as she has taken that idea and created it into something modern.

Another good thing about this Bandas collection is the fact that it can suit anybody, no matter what their mood or personality. The space which Patricia has created can calm someone down and give them a space to chill and relax in while they gather themselves together, it is also a space designed for comfort and gathering in a very informal and comfortable way. People can come together and relax together. There is more than the one design of the Bandas collection which again shows how passionate she is about designing not for herself but for others.


Elle Décor Grand Hotel Stanzas Milan http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/architecture/elle-decor-grand-hotel-stanzas/

This is a project installation which was created and designed to give people a personal experience whilst at the installation. Patricia had designed rooms like the ones above and names them Stanzas. This was to give people their own space to red, be themselves and have peace. The Stanzas rooms were created for those on their own but without them feeling lonely. Whilst she was creating this relaxing ambiance she was also creating different rooms which would create a different atmosphere whilst still at the Grand Hotel. There were other bedrooms which were designed with less colour and more neatral based colours. I like the fact that the rooms I have pictrues above use lots of colour and quite bold colours, but thanks to the lighting the mood created is not as bold. The lights almost mute the boldness of the colour, creating a different calmness to the bedrooms. The inspiration behind the name; Stanzas, came from Spain as it sounds like a spanish word, however the book ‘Stanzas in Meditation’ gave Patricia the inspiration to create rooms with an ambience of peace and relaxation, and she has created this atmosphere through different aspects of colour.


Revolving Room Installation  http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/architecture/the-revolving-room/ 2013.

This installation project was based around the idea of constant cycles though life. It was designed for the European Textile company. The companies designs push the aesthetic and artistry boundaries and use colour, simplicity and innovative thinking to create this.

This installation is definetely modern and fresh and makes you think about what cycles you are going through in life. We all go through the cycle that is life, we all share that in common, but this installation project makes you think about what defines you from others. What cycles are you going through that your mum, your brother, your friend, your tutor arent going through? I love the simplicity of the textiles used on the actual walls of the project. The fact the walls are seperated creates something more special about the fact it’s called the revolving room. The cycles are always revolving as as the walls as they can rotate round round to create a different space and atmosphere.


Latest projects. Visioni – CC Tapis http://www.patriciaurquiola.com/design/visioni/

This is Patricia’s latest design. It is a rug. You may look at it and think what is that? Where did that design come from..

Patrica has designed this very 3D looking rug for the Italian rug company CC-Tapis.

Because of the uniqueness of this design it took me a minute to realize that the wall hanging image is different to the rug laid out on the floor. The design is exactly the same, however the slight change in colour for different shapes within the two rugs is different, but because she has used the exact same colours and same shapes within the rug it takes your eye a minute to adjust to the fact that they are two different rugs. I like this about the design. The rug gives the room both height and depth.


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